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Appellate Litigation

An appeal is the next step after receiving a decision from a lower court. In an appeal, a higher court reviews the decision of a lower court, typically from a trial court or administrative agency. An appellate litigation attorney is specialized in the practice of handling the process of appealing the lower tribunal’s decision.

Our appellate litigation attorneys at Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli are available to provide advice and counsel to our clients. We provide our clients with effective appellate representation in state and federal courts of review in Arizona, New Mexico, and California.

Why Choose Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli?

Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli is a general civil litigation law firm representing clients throughout California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The firm defends companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 leaders to small businesses and individuals, with targeted and personalized representation.

Our four senior partners and two satellite managing partners in each office have 20+ years of litigation and trial experience for construction and general liability defense work. The partners work the cases on a daily basis and are hands on with the clients every step of the way.

We have litigation experience, arbitration, trial, and appellate experience from very large firms that we have turned over to a boutique litigation firm with no fear of any case or opposing counsel, at trial, arbitration, or mediation. We will fight for our clients, in the way that they need.

Why Do You Need an Appellate Attorney?

Hiring an experienced appellate lawyer who knows how appellate courts operate and what issues are important to appellate judges will help you toward having a successful appeal. An appellate lawyer represents clients on appeal from a lower tribunal. They must carefully review the entire record, including trial transcripts, evidence, and motions to determine which grounds, if any, exist as a basis for appeal.

Appellate lawyers have the talent for legal analysis and understanding of the appellate process that can help sharpen factual development and legal theories toward the overall presentation that will put a client in the best position for a successful appeal.

What Is Appellate Litigation?

The skills needed in a trial court are different from those needed on appeal. A trial lawyer wins cases through persuading a jury of lay people. In a jury trial, lawyers select a jury, talk to that jury, raise timely objections, examine witnesses, and are an active presence for the judge and jury. The skills required from a trial attorney may not necessarily translate to the appellate court, as they tend to be more specialized.

Different arguments are needed on appeal versus what is needed in trial—what can sway a jury does not often persuade the appellate judges. The strength of an appeal lies with the brief and writing an appellate brief is fundamentally different from writing motions and trial briefs.

An appellate attorney knows the ins and outs of bringing an appeal if the original outcome was not suitable to the client, and they can also defend an appeal if the lower court’s opinion is challenged.

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Our clients and prospective clients can rely upon the high level of professional competence displayed by our appellate litigation attorneys. Our partners work with their teams to proactively defend our clients at the trial and appellate levels.

Cases are evaluated continuously for efficient handling and resolution to get our clients where they need to be in a cost-effective way.

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