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Public Works Litigation

When you have a public works contract claim, you need an attorney that knows and understands the rules that apply to public works. There are special rules and complicated delay claims that apply to public works contracts.

Our public works litigation attorneys have spent years assisting contractors and subcontractors with claims on public works projects. At Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli, we have a thorough understanding of the rules and state provisions that govern the administration of public works contracts and claims. Contact us today to get the assistance you need.

Why Choose Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli?

Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli represents residential and commercial developers, contractors, design professionals, and material suppliers in all types of construction matters and public works claims across California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The firm’s partners are experienced in both trial and binding arbitration and emphasize thorough preparation and aggressive representation in every matter.

Working with its clients, the firm develops litigation strategies tailored to reflect the unique objectives of each client. In addition to litigation, members of the firm assist clients in drafting, reviewing, and modifying detailed job-specific contracts, as well as post-construction payment disputes such as mechanic’s lien claims.

As a boutique civil litigation firm, our size allows us to be very competitive in our lawyer’s rates.

Why Do You Need a Public Works Litigation Attorney?

It is imperative to hire an attorney well versed in the rules of public works claims and that know how to apply them when it becomes necessary to defend a construction dispute in litigation.

A public works litigation attorney can handle a broad range of disputes, issues, and claims related to local, state, or federal government public works or other government procurement and purchase contractors. Some of the cases covered by public works attorneys include:

An experienced public works litigation attorney can represent clients in court claims hearings, mediation, arbitration, dispute boards and in all actions involving local, state, and federal public works and all government projects and contracts.

What Is Public Works Litigation?

Many of the rules that are applicable to construction contracts are not the same for public works projects. Defending public works contracts takes an in-depth understanding of the rules and laws around public works contracts in order to have a successful outcome for clients.

Public works litigation includes public buildings such as municipal buildings, schools and hospitals. It also includes transport infrastructure, including roads, railroads, bridges, pipelines, canals, ports, and airports. Additionally, public works litigation will include public services like water supply and treatment, sewage treatment, electrical grid, and dams.

Contact Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli Today

Defending a claim involved in public works litigation can be difficult but with the correct legal team, success is likely. If your business is facing a public works claim, you need a group of experienced attorneys who know the laws surrounding these issues.

With a public works claim, timing is important. As soon as an issue arises and you need a proper defense to these claims, contacting a lawyer who will vigorously defend you with a targeted approach is imperative.

If you need a public works litigation attorney, contact Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli today.