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Class Action Defense

Oftentimes, companies are targeted for alleged negligent behavior. Claims are filed against businesses for dangerous drug manufacturing, product failures, environmental issues, and other suspected harmful acts. When multiple people file a lawsuit together against a company, this becomes a class action lawsuit.

Companies deserve the best representation in the event of a class action lawsuit. Our class action defense attorneys at Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli have the experience to represent your business in these claims. Contact us today for more information.

Why Choose Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli?

Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli is a general civil litigation law firm representing clients throughout California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The firm has worked on a complex range of cases and has experience defending companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 leaders to small businesses and individuals.
We have litigation experience, arbitration, and trial experience from very large firms that we have turned over to a boutique litigation firm with no fear of any case or opposing counsel, at trial, arbitration, or mediation. We will fight for our clients, no matter what.

Why Do You Need a Class Action Lawyer?

There are many risks involved in companies targeted by a class action lawsuit. Pending class action litigation can impede ongoing business operations, which is why it is necessary for companies to rely on effective and direct legal representation to minimize the disruption to their businesses.

A class action lawyer can represent companies in class action lawsuits in a variety of issues, like consumer fraud, securities fraud, products liability, drug defect claims, and more. A class action defense attorney can advise your business on the best way to handle a class action suit, whether it involves moving filed classes to single-party claims, or defending arbitration or class-waiver clauses.

What Is Class Action Defense?

A class action lawsuit permits one or more plaintiffs to file a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group known as the “class.” Individuals who have suffered the same wrong at the hands of the same defendant can join together in one lawsuit as a named plaintiff.

Most of the time, class action lawsuits are settled and the amount is then divided to each class member. The number of class members is not limited, which is why it is imperative to hire an experienced class action defense attorney to properly defend your company when they are involved in a class action lawsuit.

Contact Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli Today

If you are a business facing the potential of multiple claims, a class action lawsuit could be advantageous or disadvantageous, depending on a number of factors including the potential number of claims and the likelihood of liability exposure for such claims.

Our experienced class action defense attorneys will always do what is best for our clients, whether it is dividing a class action suit into individual claims, or combining them into a class action group. We will always work the case each step of the way to get our clients the best results.

If you need a class action lawyer, contact Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli today.