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Construction Litigation

Construction litigation can involve a variety of parties, including those involved in governmental, commercial, or residential constructions projects. The parties are generally owners, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers, construction managers, construction lenders, developers, investors, insurers, and/or bonding companies.

Most construction lawsuits are rooted in breach of contract or negligence. Our construction litigation attorneys at Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli have years of experience defending clients in a variety of construction claims. Typically, arbitration will be required for private construction claims because it is contractually obligated. We are experienced construction litigation attorneys and will fight for our clients through the entire litigation process. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

Why Choose Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli?

Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli represents residential and commercial developers, contractors, design professionals, and material suppliers in all types of construction matters across California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The firm’s partners are experienced in both trial and binding arbitration, and emphasize thorough preparation and aggressive representation in every matter.

Working with its clients, the firm develops litigation strategies tailored to reflect the unique objectives of each client. In addition to litigation, members of the firm assist clients in drafting, reviewing, and modifying detailed job-specific contracts, as well as post-construction payment disputes such as mechanic’s lien claims.

Why Do You Need a Construction Attorney?

Construction attorneys can help solve a variety of problems from business disputes to negligence claims. During a construction project, many disputes can arise and having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by your side to defend the claim is necessary.

A construction litigation attorney can help before litigation even arises by ensuring there are proper contracts in place. They can also help once there is a dispute of any kind to defend the claims for their client’s rights.

When a construction dispute occurs, it is likely that arbitration is mandatory. A construction litigation attorney has experience with construction arbitration and has the necessary skills to properly defend their clients during arbitration.

What Is Construction Litigation?

Construction litigation arises at any stage of the construction process, from commitments at a project’s start to disputes over performance after construction is completed. Construction litigation is often high risk with large damage awards.

In the United States, the average length of construction disputes was 14.2 months and average value of construction disputes was $37.9 million in the latest reporting year. The same study found the most common construction dispute was contractor/subcontractor “failing to understand and/or comply” with a contractual obligation and that arbitration was the most common method of resolution.

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If you are a residential and commercial developer, contractor, design professional, or material supplier who has encountered a legal setback before, during, or after the construction process, you need to contact a trustworthy construction attorney as soon as possible.

We have professional, hands-on trial partners who will work on your cases each day. Our clients will always receive personalized attention from the partner assigned to their case.

If you need a defense construction litigation attorney, contact Collinsworth, Specht, Calkins & Giampaoli today.